Breeding centre De Kroonduif

Breeding centre De Kroonduif

Structure and purpose

Breeding center “de Kroonduif” consists of 4 lines / varieties;

  1. C & G Koopman (line Kannibaal, Golden Lady, Kleine Dirk, Wondere Dirk)
  2. Gaby Vandenabeele (line Kleinen, Wittenbuik, Bliksem, 04-781)
  3. Leo Heremans (line Olympiade, Jan)
  4. National the Best (dual children of 1st prize winners against thousands of pigeons)

When I wanted to start in 2007 with the best racing pigeons in the world, I first read about the best varieties of pigeons that were there. Those were the pigeons, where the vast majority of great results were achieved on the games and the culture. Everything will turn out, I’m only interested in the very best. Numerous visits were made! All this led to this; Breeding center “de Kroonduif”

Our strength lies in the focus on a number superverervers, many fans hugely been successful with. We then purchased from the Netherlands and Belgium a few pigeons from the top lines of super breeders, who fit without exception in our culture puzzle. (Kleine Dirk, Wittenbuik, Olympics etc.) By approaching the building of the breeding loft like a puzzle, you get many more opportunities to create beautiful links and build a related strain! You can study this on the pedigrees. We also want to remain with the time to study all the information about heredity and about to enter into discussion with top fanciers, also in other branches of anima/ knowledge! The knowledge we want to share on the site.

On the pedigrees, the data will be displayed as up to date as possible.

In summary, given these pigeons for our breeding center “de Kroonduif racingpigeons” in a short time very good results.

The best pigeons in this period were the descendants of the famous “Kleine Dirk” of Gerard Koopman. The Vandenabeele pigeons did very well. In particular, the grandchildren of the stockbreeder Wittenbuik and the Turbo. This was, by far, the best. The next action was to get in touch with the fanciers, who had the best children of this miracle pigeons. The very best were in the best breeding loft of the Netherlands, namely the World famous mr. Anton Ruitenberg from Zwolle! His super breeder “the Wondere Dirk” is known to all corners of the world. Gigantic sums were offered for this super pigeon, but mr. Anton Ruitenberg has never sold this pigeon!! The breeding value of the Wonderful Dirk (he is the best son of Kleine Dirk) is unprecedented. At least 37 grandchildren won 1st prizes at several thousand to 10,000 pigeons. And there are still some years to go before they have been cultivated.


It goes without saying that we ran every effort to get our own many children as possible from this Wonder Pigeon. Because of our great relationship with mr. Anton Ruitenberg we were able to obtain children from the very best breedingpairs. We now have 20 grandchildren of the “Kleine Dirk”, of which as many as 10 out of the Wondere Dirk. On our breeding center “de Kroonduif”  “. The grandchildren of the “Kleine Dirk” we have come from at least five different pairings of “Kleine Dirk” and differend superhens!! So that we can move forward for many years to breed. Other children of the “Kleine Dirk”, which were also superior, his Aladin (father Tips) which was large vein of at least 10 x 1st prize winners, Dirky from Pieter Veenstra, Dwaine from Jan Duijn, who was grandfather “The Miracle of Enschede” wich 8 x 1st prize against thousands of pigeons. Carlin, Ermerveens Fire, the “Wonder of Haacht ‘and Cassius’ Gerard Koopman himself. They all are parents of 1st prize winners against thousands of pigeons !! Kleine Dirk comes back from the Golden Lady. This is the daughter of the world famous “Kannibaal” of Dirk van Dijck. We have in our breeding center “de Kroonduif”  at least 10 grandchildren the Golden Lady and Kannibaal.

Interestingly, the “Kleine Dirk” better inherited by his sons, then through his daughters. Granddaughters of him inheritance contrast, again superior.

Also brothers an sisters of “Kleine Dirk” where miraculous breeders. World known are the names of “Noble Blue, Annelies, Migthy man, Y min, Miss Dinamite” and so on. Known pens that through the contribution of the line “Golden Lady” and “Kleine Dirk” was much stronger; Peter van de Merwe, Gunther Prange, Anton Ruitenberg, Pieter Veenstra, G & S Verkerk, Marijke Vink, Marcel Sangers, Leo Heremans, Gebr. Leijtens, Hooijmans so on. Today, the Koopman variety is the most well-liked all over the world when it comes to heavy middle distance races.

In my search for strong pigeons from the best breed, I came inevitably to the kind of Gaby Vandenabeele from Belgium. He broke for the first time at the national level when he won the National Bourges in Belgium in 1988 with his Rambo II. This plane for “Kadet” of Gomaire Verbruggen, who won the 2nd National by the old birds, while his son, the “Little Cadet” won the 2nd National Bourges by the yearlings. This Kadet species descended from the best breeding couple ever Karel Meulemans, namely; “Old Van den Bosch x Beauty Blue Janssen hen

Gaby’s basic cock was named “The Kleinen“. The erfkracht of these pigeons might prove to be very strong, especially the old original lines of Gaby Vandenabeele possessed these characteristics, so they were sometimes less beautiful and little by inbreeding. “The Kleinen” was born in 1981 and began his superior bloodline of about dominant sires as Wittenbuik, Kolonel, Bliksem, 04-781, Neptunes, Turbo etc. To cite lofts to mention that are grown with Vandenabeele pigeons, there is no to start with. Just about the best annex loft the world famous breeding loft was mr. Anton Ruitenberg from Zwolle. This wast owner of no less than 17 children from “Wittenbuik“, and much children “Bliksem”, James Bond, Turbo, Neptunes etc. At present, no doubt the 04-781 (brother Rudy) Anton Ruitenberg the best son Bliksem

The best son of the Wittenbuik at Anton Ruitenberg turned out to be the Son 95-432 Wittenbuik. The brothers. Scheele built a top loft with it, but also had a grandson Peter Bambacht it, who made it to 1st National Ace Sprint. This pigeon was later bought by Jan Hooijmans.

We ourselves have several children of this 95-432 son Wittenbuik had in the breeding loft and there are several grandchildren. Offspring from this won prizes at the 1st 10 against thousands of pigeons. At present, the Son 04-781 Bliksem of Anton Ruitenberg is the best breeder of the famous Lightning.

The Vandenabeeles from “de Kroonduif” without exception, children of super kites and superverervers. There are still several grandchildren of the Wittenbuik , Turbo, Kolonel. Neptunes and the best children of the world famous “Bliksem“!

Heremans; Often inbred grandchildren of the Olympiade, Jan and Euro. This breed excels in speed, strength and beauty!

Children of 1st prize winners of world famous lofts against thousands of pigeons in the toughest one day races! In summary, these pigeons for our breeding center “de Kroonduif” given unprecedented results in a short time.We have differend customers/fanciers from the best of the Netherlands who are flying with our Youngsters. Also in 2017 one of the best fancier of the Netherlands will be started with testing our youngsters, to give quickly information about the breeding value of our breeders!!

Last weeks customers flew; 1 & 2 of 2.566 pigeons, 1e of 2.091 pigeons and this week one of my customers, builded up his loft with my pigeons has being the strongest loft of the combine!!

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